With a personalized-mail address from Perfect Names you can enjoy the following benefits:


There are currently three types of e-mail address to choose from. You can register your name with any of them. For example:


It is very important that you indicate clearly which way you wish to have your address registered. Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions. To register your address go to the register page now!


  • You have the uniqueness of a personalized e-mail address which reflects your own local or favorite pub for example.
  • Once you have registered your personalized e-mail address no one else can register it in the same format.
  • You don't need to change your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) as any mail sent to your new personalized e-mail address is automatically forwarded to your existing e-mail address, Thou we do recommend that if you are paying to receive your emails, e.g.. if your using Pipex, AOL or CompuServe than we can save you the monthly fee and at the same time giving you a Perfect Names email address.
  • If you wish you can continue to use your existing e-mail address to send and receive e-mail in the normal way. You no longer have to use an e-mail address that includes a free advert for your ISP.